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Social Corner 


On this page you can keep up on events that I may or may not be  attending such as new premiers, concerts or conventions. You can also follow/contribute to any posts that have been made on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. In fact, I encourage you all to get in contact with me somehow, even if it is just to talk or ask a question. Know that I will do my best to respond to all comments/messages. When I was a beginning musician in high school, I would think it was the coolest thing when composers would take the time to answer my questions. Now that I am slowly entering that realm, I would also love to return that favor.

Also, in this media lounge you can keep up with new videos on youtube as well as new recordings posted on Soundcloud. Essentially, anything that is "new" in my life, you can see here. If you would like to receive email notifications once a month (or sometimes less) you can subscribe in the upper left corner to my blog. I PROMISE I WILL NOT SPAM YOUR EMAIL!!! 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, it truly means a lot! 

- Zach